Liberty Dollar of Chambersburg

Your Solution To A Depreciating Dollar

NOTE:  The "Liberty Dollars" shown in the shopping cart below are privately produced silver rounds, not inferior government "legal tender" coins.  Likewise, the silver certificates are also a private, voluntary barter currency (PVBC) with no connection to the U.S. Mint or Federal Reserve.  The dollar ($) sign on all these products represents "Liberty Dollars," NOT U.S. dollars.  A Liberty Dollar is currently comprised of 1/50 ounce of .999 fine silver.  Our shopping cart orders are usually shipped within 2 business days after we receive them.  We do not ship outside the United States.

OUR POLICY ON RETURNS:  Any return must be pre-approved.  If we receive it within twenty (20) days of our shipping date, we'll refund your money minus a restocking fee of $10 or 15% of order (whichever is greater).  If your order is not returned in the condition it was when we shipped it, we'll also deduct an appropriate amount (at our discretion) for damage.  No returns accepted after 20 days.

NOTE: AS IS GENERALLY KNOWN, LIBERTY DOLLARS ARE NO LONGER BEING PRODUCED AND HAVE BECOME SOMEWHAT RARE  AS THEIR VALUE CONTINUES TO RISE.  FORTUNATELY, SPECIMENS OCCASIONALLY COME TO MARKET AS IS THE CASE NOW.  Other specimens are from my own personal collection.  I've discovered some extra "Ron Paul" Silver Libertys I didn't know I had, and will be adding them to our shopping cart in the near future.  I've also discovered some extra 2005 "Type 1" Silver Libertys I'll also be adding to the cart in the near future.  WHAT IS AVAILABLE NOW IS SHOWN BELOW WITH SHOPPING CART "BUTTONS."  PayPal and most credit cards are accepted.

Current $50 Silver Base Chambersburg Community Currency

Note!  Each of the 2008 dated "Chambersburg" pieces below are individually HAND STAMPED in the center and have a beautiful proof mirror finish.  They are a great investment 2 ways... Not only does silver keep rising in price, but numismatic values on all Liberty Dollars also continue to rise.  In early August, 2012, Congressman Ron Paul held hearings regarding the benefits to be derived from "alternative currencies."  Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve hates competition and wants to retain their monopoly over money creation in America.  The government has banned the use of Chambersburg's Liberty Dollar Community Currency, and it can no longer be minted.  The rare sets of this private currency are a great example of what a quality, value-backed alternative community currency is.  If you don't already own a complete set of the 2008 Silver Libertys shown below, please take advantage of the current opportunity to own a set.  Read a short article on Congressman Paul's hearing here  NOW THAT YOU'VE READ THE SHORT ARTICLE, YOU UNDERSTAND THE CURRENT DANGER.  BEWARE:  As ridiculous as it sounds, SILVER LIBERTY DOLLARS HAVE BEEN DECLARED BY THE GOVERNMENTTO BE COUNTERFEITS AND ILLEGAL TO USE.  I MAINTAIN THIS WEBSITE  PRIMARILY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND TO PROVIDE COLLECTORS LIKE YOU WITH A SMALL INVENTORY OF SILVER LIBERTY DOLLARS SO THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SILVER PIECES EVER MINTED.  IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO OWN SILVER LIBERTY DOLLARS, ONLY TO USE THEM IN TRADE.

MSRP=The original Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
PVBC=Private Voluntary Barter Currency



                                     All pieces are 100% silver (.999 fine), and are Brilliant Uncirculated with proof finish, and are hand
                                     stamped in the center with the unique Chambersburg Hallmark.

                                    (1 set limit per shipment).  See individual specifications below.


Individual pieces below, comprising the above set, are shown to give more detailed specifications!
Each piece is carefully handstamped in the center with Chambersburg's unique hallmark.


$50 Chambersburg 2008 Silver Liberty (one troy ounce .999 fine silver)


                     $20 Chambersburg 2008 2/5 Liberty (2/5 troy ounce .999 fine silver)                                   

$10 Chambersburg 2008 1/5 Liberty (1/5 troy ounce .999 fine silver)

$5 Chambersburg 2008 1/10 Liberty (1/10 troy ounce .999 fine silver)

The Most Beautiful Silver Piece Ever Minted!  The Ultimate!!!!         

The "original" 2007 $20 Chambersburg Silver Liberty -- In addition to the traditional "Lady Liberty" featured on the obverse side, the reverse (shown below) showcases the beautiful Pennsylvania Coat-Of-Arms along with the word "CHAMBERSBURG."  Within the lower portion of the coat-of-arms, in tiny letters, are inscribed the words (under magnification) "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence."  This large "Chambersburg Silver Liberty" (39 mm diameter) was designed to be used as barter currency at face value, but is now a prized collectible.   

As a special service to "collectors," 160 of the first ones minted were hallmarked to signify "First Day Of Issue."  The hallmark consists of the letters "PA" within an outline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; only one hundred (100) of them are numbered (photos below).   These treasures were personally hand stamped by renowned mintmaster and architect of the Liberty Dollar, Bernard von NotHaus.

                           $20 Chambersburg Silver Liberty (1 troy oz. .999 fine silver)
                                                        ***Only 1600 were minted*** 

                                                      price:  $115.00 USD + FREE S&H
                                                (sealed in airtight capsule, BU condition)



                                 ONLY A FEW LEFT                                                               
                         $20 Chambersburg Silver Liberty *SPECIAL EDITION*
                                         (1 troy oz. .999 fine silver)
                             hallmarked & numbered (only 100 exist)
                                           Only a few remain. 
                   NOTE:  Each specimen is sealed in an airtight capsule (BU condition).  
                   On request, we'll include a 3"x3" burgundy velveteen drawstring money bag.
                   price:  $400.00 USD + FREE S&H




NOTE:  All the silver certificates we have for sale are at the "$20 Silver Base,"  and numismatic in value.
They may be redeemable in the future in whatever "silver base" is current if the Federal Government  releases the
silver backing they confiscated several years ago.  The case is still being arbitrated in the courts.  As of March 15, 2014,
the Silver Base is $50.00.  All these certificates are beautiful works of art with better anticounterfeiting protection than
Fed Notes in my opinion.  In addition to the holograms, microprinting etc., they are also impregnated with a secret formula
chemical DNA strand.  except for the FDI Packet for sale further down the page, the individual certificates are uncirculated
in mint condition with CHAMBERSBURG, PA stamped on them in red.  Each denomination is available ONE to a customer
please!  Thankyou.
NOTE:  The examples shown below are at the $10 Silver Base with the exception of the $20 certificate which is at the $20 Silver Base

                                  One Dollar Silver Certificate
                                 $10.00 USD each  (includes S&H)



                                  Five Dollar Silver Certificate
$15.00 USD each (includes S&H)


                                   Ten Dollar Silver Certificate
                                 $30.00 USD each (shipping included)



                                Twenty Dollar Silver Certificate
$60.00 USD each (includes S&H)


                            5 ones, 1 five, 1 ten, 1 twenty
is NOT stamped on the cert.'s in the FDI packet  

                                            $20 Base Series F (2006)
When rising silver prices caused the crossover to the $20 silver base,
all dates were reset to 2006 since all denominations were introduced simultaneously for this base.
This set of certificates is from a FDI (First Day of Issue) pack delivered in a dated envelope.  

This is the FDI pack envelope that goes with the set above (there are five $1 certs in the pack - only one is shown)
Note:  The date April 21, 2006 is stamped on the packet envelope as well as the individual cert.'s

                                                                     price: $375.00 (S&H included)


All 8 of these Certificate/Warehouse Receipts are in original MINT CONDITION
in the FDI envelope they originally came in.

-- Our FDI certificates have a April 21, 2006 date stamped
on them in RED INK!  These sets are relatively rare and command a substantial premium over the "regular"
certificates (after the FDI date).  Dates post FDI were stamped with BLACK INK.                                  

Liberty Dollar Certificates make great gift items! 


The FED is monetizing the debt and injecting massive amounts of paper dollars into the US economy, also known as "quantitative easing."  Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) recently monetized their debt and their currency became worthless!  (see photos below)







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