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How to use the Liberty Dollar

Are you having fun with the Liberty Dollar? Thousands of people just like you have discovered the solution to understanding money and are using the Liberty Dollar. And you can too! Here are a few tips to help you use the currency successfully, whether as a consumer or a merchant making change with it.

1. Please don't attempt to educate people about money when using Liberty Dollars.

2. Although prudence would seem to indicate that people would refuse a currency they've never seen, this is simply not the case. After thousands of transactions, the Liberty Dollar is accepted much of the time it is offered. 

3. In many localities such as the Chambersburg area, the Liberty Dollar is more widely accepted.  If businesses in your community are not familiar with the currency, you should simply offer The Liberty Dollar with the confidence that it will be accepted. After all, why wouldn't it be?  It's the same when you, as a merchant, hand it out as change.  If the person doesn't want it, they'll tell you and you can simply use greenbacks.

4. "Do the Drop!" The best way to introduce the Liberty Dollar is to drop the one-ounce $50 Silver Liberty in someone's hand. Do not hand it to them.  Drop it!  Hold the Silver Liberty a couple inches above their outreached palm and drop it so it lands flat in the person's palm.

5. Now the hardest part - don't say anything! Just wait. Let the person marvel at its beauty, weight, and discover it says FIFTY DOLLARS. If you are asked anything, just keep your answers short. Remember to KISS - Keep it Short and Simple.

6. When asked "Is it real?" Answer: "Yes, pure silver, 50 Liberty Dollars." Do not rush. Just stand there and wait, patiently. No need to smile. Just wait.

7. After 30 seconds, say, "I have the paper [show them  greenbacks], but would like to give you some silver." If they hand it back immediately, just give them greenbacks.  If you're a merchant making change with Liberty Dollars, be sure your customer knows they can come back and spend them with you.  That's the whole idea!  Give the customer a copy of your local Liberty Merchant Directory (if you have one) and a Liberty Dollar brochure so they can learn more and see all the other places they can spend Liberty Dollars. 

8. As a courtesy, do not spend a $50 Silver Liberty alone unless the sale is greater than $25.  Merchants hate to deplete their cash making a lot of change.  If the total is greater than $50, include the Silver Liberty with "other" money.  When spending Liberty Dollars, don't be surprised if you get your change in Liberty Dollars.  The merchant is telling you he wants you to come back to his place of business, or to another Liberty Merchant.  As a general rule, large corporate retailers will not take Liberty Dollars.  They are too entrenched in the banking system and the government's fiat currency.  If you are a small independent business, you should accept Liberty Dollars gladly, knowing you're supporting independent merchants in your local community.

9. The Federal Reserve does not require anyone to understand the monetary system to use their currency. In fact, they thrive on the people's ignorance about money. The Liberty Dollar simply brings competition to money in the marketplace.

10. IMPORTANT: Regardless of how you choose to use the new currency, never misrepresent the Liberty Dollar as "US currency," "legal tender," "current money," or "coin."  It is neither.  The American Liberty Dollar (ALD) is a private, voluntary barter currency.  The "Silver Liberty's" denominational value represents "Liberty Dollars," not U.S. Dollars. A Liberty Dollar is currently set at 1/50 ounce of .999 fine silver in order that the face value coincides with an already publicly accepted and recognizable currency denomination.  This is why the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $50, although represented in Liberty Dollars,  is considered to be equivalent in value to $50 USD.

Now, give the Liberty Dollar a try. Discover the fun for yourself! Make money, do good, and have fun while returning America to value.

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